July 8th, 2016 by

Light Up Your Pool Life


Energy-efficient LED lights are versatile tools for setting and changing the mood of your outdoor paradise. With the click of a remote, you can transform your pool from romantic evening to energized soiree. And unlike the fiber optic lighting of old, the colors are infinite and the uses are vast. Here are some of the many advantages you’ll enjoy when incorporating LED lights into your pool design.

 No Lack of Bright

LED lights are brighter than fiber optic lighting. Significantly. A standard full size light can illuminate a large residential pool. And if you are worried about having to change a submerged bulb, don’t. LED bulbs are housed in a sealed case that you can remove from the light niche to change the bulb out of the pool. Plus, LED bulbs typically last 30,000 hours. So you won’t have to change them very often.

Energy Savings

LED lights use a fraction of the wattage required by regular bulbs and the circuits approach 85% efficiency, meaning only 20% of the energy is lost to heat. In contrast, incandescent bulbs operate at 20% efficiency. The upshot is that you can run numerous LED lights for only pennies a day. They may cost more initially to install, but over time LED lights help your pocketbook and the planet.

Your Own Color Show

The latest in LED technology includes products that feature combinations of individually colored LEDs that are mixed and matched to create an ultra vibrant spectrum of colors. These combinations can be programmed to cycle through colors at varying speeds and in different sequences for the ultimate backyard light show. Of course, you can always choose a single color or traditional white for your pool lighting.

If your pool still uses fiber optic lighting, ask Ewing Aquatech about renovating your lights. We’ll show you a whole new world of color.