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Luxury Pool Finishes

A look at Aggregates, Glass Tile and Marble pool finishes.

When designing a pool that seamlessly integrates with your home, there are many distinct elements to consider beyond shape. One such facet is the finish. Luxury pool finishes are used to line the interior of your pool and spa as well as enhance the coping and decking. Interior finishes can consist of aggregate materials like glass beads, crushed marble and quartz crystals that are integrated into the cement. Exterior finishes encompass the tile and stone selections. Pool finishes can shift the entire aesthetic of your pool, giving rise to a whole new level of beauty.

Take a look at these popular luxury pool finishes that are sure to take your pool design to the next level.


Photo of aggregate luxury pool finish from Pebble Tec.

Aggregate pool finish. Image from Pebble Tec.

When thinking about the traditional pool aesthetic, pool plaster comes to mind. It has a classic appearance that is commonly used in pools due to its relatively inexpensive cost. Aggregates are a revitalizing take on plaster that has a unique style that can be customized, creating an opportunity to instill a dramatic effect to your surface. It’s also a popular option for pool renovation. Aggregates can be applied as polished or exposed, each having a set of unique benefits. Polished aggregates contain finely crushed stones that after being polished create a brilliant sheen that can extend the life of the plaster significantly. Exposed aggregates are mixed with glinting glass beads and pebbles that become exposed after the application is complete, providing a non-slip surface in union with its contemporary beauty.


Glass Tile

Photo of luxury pool finish, glass tiles.Always the favorite among luxury pool builders, glass tile has transformed the way pools and spas are customized. Glass tile has breathtaking and enduring beauty that has the versatility to achieve anyone’s vision. Another added benefit is its resistance to staining and chemical erosion thanks to its non-porous makeup, making it a worthwhile investment for its longevity. The options are endless as you transform your pool with avant-garde glass tile mosaics or just utilize the colorful iridescent tiles for accents throughout the interior of the pool or spa. Areas that are popular to adorn are the waterline, steps and edges creating alluring focal points.



Marble texture that can be used as a swimming pool finish option.Marble has its mainstay in upscale home décor, often appearing in bathrooms and on counters. Appearing in the finer detail work of the pool, marble has started to make its presence known in the industry. Hand polished, marble has a luxuriously smooth feel and luster that can provide the best defense against scaling and algae. It has longevity that aggregate finishes can’t compete with, furthering its reputation as one of the most durable materials. Creating a timeless look with marble can be as simple as integrating marble tile into the coping or as bold as having a marble deck. Although pricey, marble has an undeniable beauty and longevity that makes it an enviable pool finish.

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