May 12th, 2016 by

Taking Control of Your Pool and Spa With Jandy® Automation Systems

Ewing Aquatech is an expert in what it takes to seamlessly integrate the pool of your dreams into your home and backyard environment. Similarly, Ewing knows how important implementing quality pool care is for the longevity and enjoyment of your pool. Imagine having the most intuitive backyard pool care automation for your pool, spa and even landscape at your fingertips. Jandy’s  pool automation systems take quality pool care to the next level by allowing you to manage elements of your pool maintenance with a touch of a button, offering total control of your backyard experience.

Take Control

Offering convenience, flexibility and ease of control, Jandy pool automation systems make weekly maintenance effortless by controlling individual pool and spa equipment. With iAquaLink, you are able to adjust any of these elements from your smart phone, tablet, or web-connected device from anywhere, anytime. Maintenance such as heating, sanitation, and filtration cycles quit becoming a hassle Jandy’s automation pool systems extend to other backyard elements, too. Depending on the kind of ambiance you desire for your backyard, adjusting pool and landscape lighting can be just as easy, even for individual water features.

Energy Savings

The convenience of pool and spa automation is great, but being able to save money with it is even better. In a time where going green is praised, Jandy offers the AquaLink RS system with built-in energy saving programs that automatically adjust to give you optimal energy savings and efficiency. Elements such as filtration run times, pump speeds, lights and water temperature all play an interconnected role in keeping your pool at its best. If any of these elements are not in sync with each other, it can be costly. For example, if the water temperature is not being adequately maintained, the heat pump can run more than it needs to resulting in wasted money. Automating these key elements so they work harmoniously with each other can be curb energy costs.

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