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Different Tanning Ledge Options for Your Pool Design

Posted on October 19, 2016 by - Fun in the Sun


If you’re going to enjoy your backyard luxury pool design, there’s a good chance you’re also going to get a bit of sun. In fact, many people like to spend a little time soaking up the rays and working on their tan during the summer. Of course, that can get to be sweaty work. So what do you do? Jump in the pool to cool off. It’s a pretty good system, except for the part where you’re constantly moving back and forth between the water and your deck chair. You could always use a floating pool chair or lounger, but you’ll still be up out of the water for the most part, even though you can dangle your arms and legs in. Or you could ask your pool designer to add a tanning ledge to your pool design.

What is a Tanning Ledge?

A tanning ledge is an addition to your swimming pool that consists of a raised platform or area within the water that is extremely shallow. This expansive shelf could be anywhere from just a few inches deep to over a foot.The idea is that you can sit in the water without having to swim or float. Tanning ledges may be used by families with small children, although many people place a couple of lounge chairs on the shelf, in the water, rather than using floating lounges in deeper areas of the pool. You’ll have to talk to your pool builder about the size, depth, and features that will meet your needs when you add a tanning ledge to your swimming pool.

Open Shelf

Some tanning ledges are inset in the pool itself, like a very large step jutting out into a section of the pool. This is a great setup for adults that want to sit in the water while they tan and easily slip into a deeper section of the pool to swim. These ledges are generally large enough to accommodate several people or at least a couple of lounge chairs.

Enclosed Shelf

This type of shelf is basically just a small, shallow pool that is separated from the rest of the pool by a low wall, much like an attached hot tub. The water is shared with the pool through spillways. This setup is ideal for families with small children because the barrier between the tanning ledge and the rest of the pool should stop kids from wandering into areas they shouldn’t be in. In addition, some people choose to add water features like fountains or jets to enclosed tanning ledges to turn them into an attractive focal point when they’re not in use by sunbathers.

Slope or Tiers

Ledges could also be sloped or tiered leading into deeper areas of the pool, but this is generally referred to as a beach entry style rather than a tanning ledge, even though you could use it in basically the same way.

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