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Luxury Pool Design: Let’s Talk Decking

Once you decide on a pool shape, add those water and fire features, your pool designer will turn your attention toward the decking. The selections for pool decks vary widely from less expensive concrete designs to luxurious travertine stone. Each offers distinct advantages and disadvantages. The choice really depends on your preference and budget. Your pool designer can walk you through the details, but here are is some general information regarding the pros and cons of both.

Concrete Pool Decks are Trendy and Inexpensive

Concrete pool decks offer a wide variety of options. They have also come a long way from the plain slabs of old. In fact, concrete pool decks are considered one of the hottest outdoor design trends. Versatility is why. Pool designers have been pushing the creative possibilities using stamped concrete overlays to mimic the look of stone or brick for much less. Different overlays can also be combined to create a border around the pool. Traditional looks or more modern industrial aesthetics can all be achieved with stamped concrete. However, concrete does need to be sealed every couple of years, which can add to the expense over time.

Natural Stone Provides Endless Variation

Natural Stone pool decks can last generations with minimal maintenance. They lend elegance and sophistication to any backyard. Limestone pool decks have become increasingly popular. Limestone can be cut into many shapes and tolerates extremes of temperatures very well. Coral stone is particularly durable and contains a unique mixture of shell fossils, coral, and bits of compressed sand or limestone. Travertine is perhaps the most luxurious choice. You can find it in a variety of rich tones and finishes to complement your home’s exterior. Natural stone is more expensive than concrete, but prices vary greatly depending on the stone you choose.

Talk to Your Pool Design Company about Decking

Whether you’re interested in a new pool or maybe want to renovate an existing one, Ewing Aquatech can show you all the beautiful the possibilities and help you choose the best decking for your lifestyle and budget.